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Story behind the Story

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Isn't there always a story behind the story?

Of course, so welcome to my life that, among many other things, includes Meadow Lake Farm, a lakeside farm in Maine, and all that swirls around it!

I'm Debbie and grew up in Texas, had all four of my children there, and never expected to find myself, years later, a single mum of four teens restoring a century old farmhouse (plus  a guest cottage!) on twenty acres in Maine.


But here I am! Along with the horses, chickens, ducks, and kitties, reinventing my life and totally loving my new ventures!

Thrilled when my lilac bushes are in bloom

Want a Farmhouse Tour?


I crave putting creativity to work - however that looks. I fell into a bad habit for hacking the out-of-the-box lifestyle but it's a habit I don't plan on breaking.


Perhaps it's your bad habit too! I hope so! Living Life as Art is my passion. And I'm here to provide expertise and inspo to support others in that quest.


We're put on this planet to leap, grow, risk, try, fall, fail, develop, play, discover, explore, express...and well, basically get messy. Even so, there's beauty in the process...and the mess!

Debbie Hayes, founder of Farm Toast Co, loves bringing creativity, inspiration and beauty to everyday living with a modern reinterpretation of  relaxed, rustic classics. She provides products (Farm Toast Vintage Shoppe)  as well as design services & sources for decor (Farm Toast Studio) to the intricacies of developing personal brands & businesses (Toast Studio).


Farm Toast Co. raises a 'toast' to those who crave meaningful authenticity and beauty in their everyday. 


Life is your art. Let's make it beautiful! 


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