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Shoppe Information

Welcome! I'm Debbie Hayes and for as long as I can remember, I've been an incurable romantic - always in search of unique, nostalgic or creative items that have an old story to tell or are now telling a whole new story.


For me, it's all about enhancing a life well-lived by embracing moments that feel authentic, reminiscent, curious, slowed down, beautiful, evocative, nature-inspired. I'm guessing if you've stumbled across us, you're probably not one racing for the hottest trends but searching for fresh ideas & products to play with casually rustic, timeless or classic.


This is the idea behind the launch of my new Farm Toast Vintage Shoppe.



Genteel? Discerning? Spirited?

With hints of Romanticism?

Discover Apparel, Textiles & Wares

With a modern nod to a Bygone Era.

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The Farm Toast Vintage Shoppe is dedicated to providing apparel and products from thoughtful artisans and suppliers. We represent companies that stand behind their products while maintaining a premium level of professionalism, service and selection. The majority of our items are made and shipped from the USA. However, we've also discovered a few select collections in the UK, Lithuania, Bali, and Greece that we invite you to explore and hope you find as wonderful as we do. Some items are made in their local region then shipped & housed in the U.S. in order to avoid further delays and expense to customers. You can search our products by location in the sidebar filters and learn more about them in the descriptions.

For our Grand Opening, at present, we're excited to bring you Farm Toast Vintage Shoppe exclusively online. After our initial launch, we'll be adding one-of-a-kind vintage, salvaged and/or repurposed products to our Shoppe as well as a more extensive selection of artisan and locally made products. Eventually we look forward to opening a physical store here in central Maine - perhaps even on my Meadow Lake Farm.


And of course I'm already culling our collections to bring you for the Season ahead! Thank you for visiting, spreading the word, and we really appreciate your business!

Located in St. Albans, Maine

Note:  Due to Covid-19 certain delays or sudden stock changes may occur, however our suppliers are exceptionally diligent in keeping products stocked & shipped as efficiently as possible.

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