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Amplify Your Organic Reach

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Paid Ads are what most businesses run to immediately. After all, isn't that where marketing 101 always begins? Yet there are literally a plethora of organic alternatives to paid advertising. The catch is being creative and consistent in giving your organic reach a true go!

But where to begin?

It's true that with the introduction of new algorithms on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, in particular, the old world of organic reach is no longer the great ride it once was. Therefore, many are chanting "organic reach is dead" but this just isn't the more than word of mouth is dead. Or referrals are dead.

First off, content creators and brands that understand the mechanics of social platforms who also publish awesome content can still score viral hits with little to no spend. If you stay alert to what’s trending, know your target audience really well, stay agile, and remain in your niche lane, organic reach for your business can still achieve impressive results.

Although, there is a caveat: If you are still hoping to post average content across multiple platforms with little creativity or strategy behind it…good luck! Quality, targeted content reigns supreme in this pay-to-play online matrix. And there is much to unravel and implement as part and parcel of the game.

Secondly, brand marketers too often hyper-focus on a huge audience typically overlooking the fact that broad audiences don't usually carry the impact of targeted content in front of more niche audiences. It's those more targeted efforts that drive purposeful call to actions which, in turn, deliver on your brand's objectives - whether it be sales, account growth, increased lists or subscriptions, engagement, brand awareness, or any combination of these types of goals.

Remember, simply reaching someone does not mean they have actually engaged with the content or taken any quality actions on the post. In other words, there's obviously a major chasm between merely seeing something and forking out money for something you see.

So what should your brand be focusing on?

1. Figure out the goals you'd like your organic efforts to hit with a realistic expectation and understanding of what they can and are designed to actually accomplish for your business.

2. Understand your target audience in a truly authentic and deeper basis. Forget superficial repetitive cliches. Or knee-jerk reactions to your competition. Now is the time to get creative in your communication, intentional (which means interesting) with your brand story telling, and developing your copy to speak the language your customers love and resonate with on more personal levels.

3. Take what you learn from your customers, clients, and audience then improve upon your targeting through testing and innovative feedback vehicles.

4. Publish quality content that's relevant to the topics, problems, trends, and interests of your audience and within your industry.

5. Monitor KPIs (key performance indicators) that show meaningful responses to your efforts at your current level and for your brand's pre-determined goals.

6. Try out platforms like Pinterest or features like FB/Instagram Stories that you might not be as familiar with or have dismissed as being irrelevant to your business.

7. Max out your hash tags, SEO keywords, and descriptions in a cohesive manner across all your platforms. And by "max out" that means using them in relevant ways... in keeping with the platform in use (Facebook, for instance, gets higher engagement with a minimum of 2 hashtags). Remain visually consistent in your presentations, profiles, and postings.

8. Utilize well thought-out branding along with your messaging to pack the cohesive punch lines that help your potential fans figure out who you are and what you stand for in what you offer them.

Bottom Line: How do you help your niche live better, do better, think better, have more fun, get more out of life, etc? And make it easy for them to "feel" something... persuasive. Something that impels them to feel awakened, motivated, empowered, enlightened, or at least a bit curious.

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