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How Designers Do Home Office

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

During quarantines and social distancing with this Covid-19 pandemic, it's taken 'work from home' to another level! For some of us, the change isn't so drastic. But for others, it's quite a switch - especially if you have A.LOT. going on at your regular office space. So, I thought you might be inspired to see how interior designers are making their home offices work even harder right now!

I love Paloma Contreras's home office (above photo-Max Burkhalter via AD Pro) that looks light and super organized with crisp white cabinetry and sleek acrylic pulls. The round marble table may not be the typical massive length work tables creatives need but it does offer a convenient open work space - especially for small rooms that require that flow. Plus, her clever desk cubbies work double-duty for visual boards!

After operating out of a co-working space this last year, designer Ginny Macdonald has returned to her former office—her dining room table—during the coronavirus health crisis.

Above is my home office space that I carved out of my bedroom...with a nice little perk: it overlooks the lake. I love the change of seasons and light during the day. The two maple trees just outside each of the windows create an almost treehouse-effect during the summer months. So okay, a few perks :)

Feel free to click the link below to see more designer home offices - or dining rooms or bedrooms or studies as the case may be - to gather up some ideas on how you can make this time of 'mandated' working from home feel more productive, creative, and motivating.

If you're like me and many others, working from home (WFH goes the viral acronym) is nothing new. I will say, though, it's nice to not feel so alone. Now go steal more inspo on how to tweak your home office space so it works even harder than you do!

AD PRO: See How Designers Are Making It Work While Working From Home

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